.Need help with Working at home/online jobs?

mlp ♥ [bride2be.] asked:

Im looking into working at home or/and having a online job.
I have heard about People working at home on the computer and phone all day basicly with customer service and that type of things.
I want a serious full time job working at home.

But i dont know alot about it..
So people that are experienced in it i need your advice.
i will report you.

This is very important to me.
Is there any career feilds i can go into that i can work at home?
The pay?
I want to learn more about it.
Either a Computer or phone based Online job.
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Who Should I Report an Email Scam to?

Angelwings asked:

I had placed an ad online for an expensive piece of equipment, and I received an email from someone saying they wanted to buy it — they sent about three emails sounding all sincere, talking about what they were going to do with the product, etc. I gave them my address to send payment, and they replied that they’d paid online — which I checked and it’s a spoof version of a real website called AlertPay, which instructed me to ship the product before I got paid — clearly a scam. Now, I know that I could just forward the correspondance to the real AlertPay to help them track frauds, but my question is: Isn’t there anything else I can do? It just makes me mad to know that someone is out there illegally scamming people out of lots of money, especially preying on those who maybe aren’t intelligent enough to see through it — I mean, that’s just sad…. (not to mention illegal). For instance, is there any law-enforcement agency?.. fbi division..? etc. I can report this to? Thanks :)
Web site hosting company with good uptime

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how do you get a free credit report? Safely?

Back on the market asked:

can you do it online?

I know some might be scams…but are there any companies who have real legitimate freee credit reports with no strings attached?
registerhit.com, actname.com, actidomain.com

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Making money online.real answers pleases?

Chris F asked:

I’m looking for a job a can do online such as web designer and stuff like that. No surveys or anything or scams or google adsense. Jobs you can do online such as web designer as i mention before and other stuff where you dont pay to start. anyone posting scams will be reported. Thank you for your time and help.
Pharmacy technician

Anything that you might need personal injury lawyer bronx will deliver.

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Are there any reported Craigslist work scams?

singh_is_king666 asked:

i recently applied for 2 jobs on craigslist. they are driving jobs. i got an email from both of them. both of these jobs pay really REALLY good, and claim i have to work only around 6~9 hours a weeks, driving. are these to be trusted? they say i will be paid before the job, but can i trust them? has anyone else tried to get a job from craigslist? i tried to search online about any possible job scams, but non reported! i did read a few years ago that some kids in some state up north posted an ad for a nanny, then they killed the lady who showed up for the job (they said they just killed her for fun), but nothing about this incident.
should i go through with this job?

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Free Gadgets Online Scam?

ツ asked:

Ive been looking at the free gift websites where you choose your gift then refer ten friends type things. Has anyone honestly done one of these and got the item they want without paying for anything? Ive even seen a BBC news report about these sites and how theyre worth it. Anybody reccomend a good site? Im looking for a free Ipod Touch lol.
Any honest help apppreciated :)

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Does anyone know of a nationally accredited online high school diploma program. I cant afford penn foster?

se7ensinsvii asked:

i need to find a good online high school diploma program, that is FULLY accredited NATIONALLY. I cannot afford to spend 1500$ on this though. Does any 1 know of any other schools?

Users posting “Diploma mills” will be reported. I am not here to find a SCAM, i want a real site.

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online scam artists?

sugarplumfaerie52686 asked:

ok so i get a million emails aday about people wanting my help to lie about being some dead dudes next of kin so that they can get like 16 million dollars…blah blah blah, i know its bogus because of the dateline shows, im getting sick of getting them and i report them as spam but i get them from a million different email addresses, its never the same address, is there a way to report them so that they get into trouble personally for this?

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Who can I report to about someone who has a Yahoo address and Instant Messenger about a scam?

Brenda L asked:

He is online right now and very brazen. He stole over $6000 from me after befriending me through a Christian website. He must be stopped. Can someone please help me catch him. He even displays a picture with his Yahoo messenger

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Someone Scammed me Online?

lilkiko001 asked:

Some one scammed me online i was sopposed to buy a iphone online from an internet forum so the guy makes the agreement online and he agrees to send me the iphone when he recieves the payment so i send the money he lives in brooklyn ny and i live in houston so its not like i can just go there and “confront” him about it so is there anything i can do to get the iphone or my money back can i like file a police report or something im 15 and i used my hard earned money for that

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what do i go to report a scam?

J W asked:

i receive a cashier check i think it’s fake. i did some resource online and i notice alot of what they was saying online fit what the person is saying to me. i want to know where do i go to see if this is a scam or not?

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Anything you can do about online fraud?

Jennifer asked:

found ourselves in the middle of an online fraud scam…advertised set of Jet ski’s way below retail …they paid for shipping …think it is a fake tracking company and number…cannot get a phone number from anyone involved…the whole thing pisses me off we have not lost any money but were excited about the purchase anyhow anyone have any similiar experiences? is there any way to track this person down with just an e-mail address? or any place I should report it???

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Penn foster Rip off report question?

kpelc3rd asked:

I enrolled in Peennn foster sometime last year. I was doing it for like 3 months and then noticed that it was listed in rip off report for their scams and everyone was having problems with them. So I canceled my account and everything was all set. I am not saying I must pay 700$ or continue with my min. payment and continue with the program.
I jsut got off the phone with them and the lady was very rude to me, and basically threating me to pay it now or it will go to an outside collecttion agency. and then she hangs up on me
I would have no problem continuing, but… a month into it was like I was on my own.. No one was there.. I sent emails and got no replies and no calls returned. WHo would I talk to abou this. This is just outrageous that I am going to get billed for it even after all this.
I recommend no one to go with this online schooling for no reason. it is complely false advertised and dont want to be in this situation.

What sould I do about this situation, if there is anything. ?

Thanks, in advance.
**they are now saying I owe 700$$
Not to mention the course were misleading and all of the information was outdated by Years. Every lesson cam with a correction/ error sheet where you would have to go in the book and fix like 45 problems/ typos and such. It was just the stupidest thing I did. I learn from others and I hope you will to.

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